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It has been brought to our attention that an illegal version of this demo was uploaded to Google Play without our knowledge or permission, making profit off of it through ads.
Google has been notified of this and we hope it will be taken down soon. In the mean time we ask that you report that page and look for any other familiar games that this person might have stolen.

We also inform you that Dream of Sword is continuing development and we will soon post updates and screenshots,  stay tuned.


This was made for IGMC 2018


Dream of Sword is a hand-drawn JRPG where the main character is haunted by strange dreams. In one of those dreams our character hears the calling of a mysterious being compelling him to meet it.
A strange character comes into town that seems to be the key to get there...

Word from the developers

This Demo took countless hours of hand-drawing, modeling, animation and music composing throughout this entire month to ensure we could present the visual quality that is to be expected in the final game, as we strongly believe it to be what will cause the most impact and better reflect the final product. Like so, systems like battling and character progression were not implemented in this version and will be implemented as development continues. 


Art & Direction
Pedro André, Edgar Ferreira

Diogo Pereira, Edgar Ferreira

Plugins :

YEP_CoreEngine By: Yanfly
OrangeOverlay By: Hudell
TitleCommandPosition By: Yoji Ojima
GALV_CharacterAnimations, GALV_CharacterFrames, GALV_DiagonalMovement, GALV_BasicEventShadows By: GALV
MOG_TitleParticles By: Moghunter

Font used:

"Cantarell" by Dave Crossland
Thank you for downloading!

This game is available only on itch.io, redistribution is not permitted.

© 2018 Edgar Ferreira & Pedro André
All Rights Reserved.


Dream of Sword.rar 256 MB


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Hi there!

I thought you would like to know that someone uploaded your game onto the Google Play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreamof.sword) and they added ads to make money off it. 

Here is a link to report it to Google Play: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2853570?visit_id=637046432175587825-2819959374&p=report_content&rd=1

Hello StephieQueen, thank you so much for bringing  this to our atention, we will contact google play right away over this matter.
It's sad that there's always someone out there trying to profit from other people's work.
Again, thank you so much for letting us know, we had no idea about this.


They did the same thing to my best friend’s game and a ton of RPG Maker games.  It’s infuriating! I hope they take yours down soon! <3


Looks like you got here before I did, haha. I've been trying to help spread awareness of this to the creators too.

Google has been notified of this, thank you both for alerting us to this matter.



Hi! ^w^
I have a crash after the airship crashed in the storm and Ren wakes up in the snow.
He won't stop turning in all directions and I can't do anything. :( 

By the way: The ingame-graphics are SO awesome! It's the bestlooking game I saw which is made with the RpgMaker! <3 

Thank you @LittleLynx! :)
Yes, we are aware of that, we released the game like this due to the deadline of the gamejam. We're still working on the game, and a lot is getting changed, as we're expanding the world and story.
Thank you for playing and for leaving a reply, we're glad you liked the game despite of its gamebreaking bug! :)


Ahhh okay, thanks for your answer. ^w^
I'm curious what is coming next in the game!
Will you post any updates here or somewhere else where I can follow you?

We're resuming development shortly. As soon as we start making the changes I'll put up an announcement in this page so that people can follow the development :)

REUPLOAD YOUR GAME!!! THERE'S A GAME CRASHING BUGGGGG!!!!!! You Got 7 mins :(((((((((((((((((( It's where you talk to the drunk guy after getting out of the house. The second time you talk to that drunk guy your character moves left and you can't exit the area. OMG !!!!!!

Thank you Yobob, we were able to fix that at the last minute! XD
Unfortunatly, we weren't able to fix another serious bug that came up.

I'm giving out a huge breath of sigh that you manage to fix it but also, I hope that next serious but doesn't cost you too much.

Thank you for your support Yobob. You're the best! :)

We should have a developer talk lol I'm serious about this