A downloadable Pit of the Forgotten for Windows

Pit of the Forgotten is Dungeon Crawler RPG set on a prison underground, where fellons are convicted to spend the rest of their lives. However strange and greater forces seem to be at stake as the main character quickly finds out.

*Important: Dut to lack of testing the game started out highly unballanced, so fot those trying out the game for the first time, I advise to start by selling the stuff that the shopkeeper gives to you the first time you talk with him. Then buy the warrior that is in a room to the left of the hall.

Author's note: As this game was create on a single month it really didn't meet my objectives. Unfortunally the game now stands highly undballenced and almost unplayable as the enemies are way too dificult.
The game also had unexpected gamebreaking bugs that ruin the experience, due to the lack of time for testing.

However the out there I'm going to continue development. Expect a new version soon. Thanks to everyone who test the game and can enjoy regardless!

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and play. No further instructions needed.


Pit of the Forgotten 111 MB

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