Update #1

Getting things solved:

-Enemies have been ballanced, no longer are they impossibly dificult. They do not keep up with you anymore and start getting weaker as time passes. I changed the level up curve so the enemies can be more ballanced as the game progresses.

-Fixed text problems. Now the text runs as it should, no more infinite phrases with no spaces or pauses.

-Random map placement working. Now enemies, traps, chests and other events are placed randomly on the map. So even if you roll the same map twice, it will feel different everytime.

- Dungeon Gate: it doesn't crash the game anymore. The gate now tests the amount of times you entered the dungeon ballancing the enemies' quantity. (The game levels up even if you don't).

- Skill Shop: Now you can buy skills for your character without risking buying for the wrong class. The game locks the skill so it can only be learned by a convict that has the skill type used by the skill. For example, if a convict has the "Mug" skill type, it will be able to learn "Quick Stab". This is made this way because it will be possible to change class and specialize your convicts in the future.

- Map Lag: The map doesn't lag so much anymore as events are being handled differently. Still needs improvements though.

- Convict Recruitment: 40% done. Right now you can recruit a new character and give it a name. In the future every convict that is recruited will have various traits that will affect the game itself like:
        - Background Story: Every convict will have its own story (randomly chosen from a pool of stories) which may trigger random events during the game or award the convict with special traits like element or condition resistances, special abilities, etc.
        - Crime: Every convict will have committed a crime in order to be a Pit dweller. For whatever the crime that the convict commited, it will reflect on its stats, for example, an "adulterer" might be awarded with luck but have a greater chance of betraying the party.
        - Tabern Hire / Dungeon Hire: Some convicts will be hireable in the tavern, requiring a high price to be paid, there will also be a chance to find convicts during your runs. For now you can hire them in the main Hall.

Things to be done:

- Ballancing dungeons and making them interesting.

- Doors Special events: This game is heavily inspired in a dungeons & dragons campaign I made with some friends, to keep it faithful to the D&D formula. When you open a door you may be presented with a situation happening and decide what to do. For example, you could find a man asking for your help while being eaten alive by a monster, you will then decide what to do and be awarded accordingly.

-More enemies, dungeons, tiles, backgrounds, music, animations.

-More weapons, armors and items: As of now, most items are only good for selling (as most will, since this will define the game's economy) and weapons and armors are few. Might add a rarity feature to weapons and armors.

-Get all skills working: Right now, not all skills are implemented yet. You can notice some classes have fewer skills than others. Every class will have a total of 19 individual skills each.

-Ballancing game's economy and skill management.

This is all for now. Will have a new demo soon since I can't update the current one due to the contest rules. Hope this gives you a taste of what's coming. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the comments below.

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